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Southern Style Barbecue

Just what is 
Southern Style Barbecue?

Originating in the south/soutwest, this popular style of barbecuing essentially consists of cooking in a closed pit with indirect heat from a hardwood fire. Ideal cooking temperatures range between 185 and 225 degrees. Cooking very slowly and at very low temperatures allows the meat to break down and self tenderize to the point where it falls off the bone. Southern Style Barbecue produces a flavor melody that tantalizes the taste buds while providing a hypnotic aroma One taste of our mouth watering barbecue coated with our custom spice blends and homemade sauces leaves all who try it longing for more!

And why are we called the Barbecue Bandits? Well, we have done the impossible and hijacked the true secrets of Barbecue from the south, where they have been guarded for generations. 
It is now for all to enjoy, courtesy of the Bandits!

What we can do to make your 
gathering a success

The key to making your event extraordinary is serving your guests food that is memorable. We have made a great investment in time and research to produce award winning smoked dishes. We can accommodate a variety of different tastes. Let Henry and the Barbecue Bandits provide the memorable food to complete your gathering equation.

Henry is a Southern Style barbecue cooker that features indirect heat created with the use of selected woods. Through the hot smoke process, items are cooked to mouth watering flavor and tenderness in true southern tradition.



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